Different family backgrounds.

Promoting interaction among diverse individuals helps open people’s mind to what is different 47 within their own country of residence. This we believe is a strong fundament for helping youth and in turn children and families to build bridges.

OFD’s activities involve the work of youth in trying to challenge their own preconceptions and stereotypes. In turn, through its activities, it attempts to challenge the stereotypes held by the families of the children and youth involved. Working with children helps build a future generation, who will hopefully be given the right environment in which to prevent stereotypes being formed in the first place.

The main aims of our projects are:

1. To involve young volunteers in a project which provides them with the opportunity to discover project management and implementation through hands-on work.

2. To connect youth from different backgrounds with children from different backgrounds within an environment that fosters mutual exchange of learning.

3. To create projects in which youth participate in promoting the values of diversity and social inclusion.

4. To create an impacting experience for young volunteers, children and families alike The summer camp in particular was devised as an activity that allows youths to come together and organise a project which involves training on issues and subject mater on their behalf, in parallel with the search for what is diverse.

The young volunteers in turn create a space where they welcome and interact with different young volunteers, creating an activity targeted at children from different backgrounds. By volunteering for OFD young people are given the opportunity to create something which contributes to the promotion of value-driven work, fortes an active growth process, and encourages the desire to contribute to a better society.

OFD was born out of a strong desire to combat xenophobic altitudes. All its actives are targeted at promoting friendship through diversity, since OFD sees the building of relationships and friendships as the first, and moreover the simplest, way to avoid the development of racist and xenophobic altitudes. This is our main approach to help strengthen solidarity and tolerance among youth.

All youth involved with OFD and in particular with the summer camp are given the means to become active citizens who stand up for the promotion of European values and employ them in their day-to-day activity. They are involved in issues which are of value and importance not only locally but also at an international level, such as the promotion of tolerance and non-discrimination, and participation in the creation of a society that is inclusive and accepting of differences.

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